Yellow Pearls--Issue One: Self-Healing
  • Yellow Pearls--Issue One: Self-Healing

    Written and gathered by Samantha Skinner (Yellow Pearls);

    Published by Hyperlink Press

    Full-color laser copy, perfect-bound

    44 Pages

    5” x 8”



    Yellow Pearls--Issue One: Self-Healing


    ~~ Reach within and acknowledge the intersecting oppressions you experience and how it may affect your mental health ~~


    This periodical zine from Yellow Pearls encompasses mini-lessons and stories about Asian American identity and mental health to think about collective self-healing.


    The zine contains musings on the radical roots of Asian American identity, Black feminist tradition that has guided Asian American feminism, mental health statistics, as well as an interview with kwonyin, a Korean American emotional guide, as she talks about her relationship with mental health and her journey to becoming a healing guide for Asian femmes.