Hyperlink Press x POWRPLNT Sanctuary

POWRPLNT is dedicated to providing the essentials, including technology. POWRPLNT  is a network of artists committed to providing digital arts education and access for all. 

As the pandemic continues, our institutions fail us, and the rampant racism and police violence against Black Americans continue, we are dedicated to providing for our community and beyond. We collect and provide PPE, food, water and WIFI to protesters and neighbors. The mutual aid effort started as a collaboration between POWRPLNT & Hyperlink Press in May 2020 to meet an urgent need as protests were met by a city-wide curfew. We have distributed $5,000 of PPE kits and resources to our community. We now have 24 volunteers tending to the space, if you’re interested in collaborating please email DIGITAL@POWRPLNT.ORG or visit us at 562 Evergreen, Brooklyn, NY, 11221.